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  • Full sized Numpad

  • F-rowless

  • QMK and VIA Compatible PCB

  • 7 degree angle

  • Mid piece Brass weight

  • LED daughterboard for Caps/Num/Scroll Lock

  • Gasket mount

  • USB C daughterboard

  • Angled front lip


      IC Form:





 For those who use the numpad on a daily basis or have the muscle memory of using it for any or all numbers, transitioning to a numpadless keyboard or a keyboard with a 1u '0' can be difficult.  Clara is an Austin layout keyboard without the F-row while keeping the 2u '0' and adding some fun things like compatibility for a 10u spacebar. The design is kept to a minimal modest look so it can be brought into the office without seeming too out of place. 






Similar to the Austin, Clara is meant to be used all day. We stuck with a 7 degree slope since it's considered to be the best middle ground for enthusiasts, not too flat and not too steep. Our vision for this board is to create a board that includes a full sized numpad while reducing the footprint on your desk. With the compressed layout, the keyboard is 2u thinner than a full size keyboard or 2u wider than a TKL.





Clara will be made out of anodized 6063 grade aluminum, and the weight will be sandblasted raw brass that has been finished with a protective oil to prevent fingerprints. The sandblasted brass has an elegant aesthetic and contrasts nicely with the aluminum chassis. The brass accent won't stick out to prevent patina as long as possible and to keep the bottom looking clean. Plate materials are still to be determined. 

Mounting Method




We'll be using a gasket mount similar to Forever but with 6 gaskets on top and 6 gaskets on bottom evenly space throughout the top and bottom pieces. This gives the board a more consistent feel across the keyboard and has a nice sound throughout. We tested initial prototypes with a top mount but certain points did not sound very good so we scrapped that idea and went with gasket instead.

keyboard-layout (1).jpg
Layout & PCB



We partnered with Gondolindrim ("Gondo") to create a high quality PCB. Gondo currently manages the Acheron Project and is a highly respected PCB designer that has worked on numerous projects. Our main goal was to make a layout similar to Austin without the F-row. The layout provides a few options, such as stepped caps lock, split backspace, 10u spacebar, etc.

Special Thanks


  • Thanks to all those who continue to participate in the discord and champion our boards to others. We appreciate your kind words and hope to continue to meet or exceed your expectations!

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