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  • 65% keyboard

  • QMK  Compatible PCB

  • 7.5 degree angle

  • Stainless Steel mid piece R1/Brass for R2

  • Gasket Mount



  • Black

  • Dark Blue


  • E-White

  • Dark Purple




The design was meant to be an understated keyboard that you would be able to leave on your desk forever. There is a top right blocker in order to differentiate itself from other 65% keyboards with the word "永" which means forever. For me, it's a reminder of a place very dear to my heart that will never be the same again after what's transpired over the past 5 years. I wanted to have something that would have some flair when viewed on the sides but still classy enough to rock at work. The midpiece peaks out on the side and accents the rear and bottom logo. The Chinese character was picked due to it's beauty and meaning.






Most keyboards fall between a 5-8 degree typing angle. The 7.5 degree angle is still not considered too steep for most keyboards but will be a tad more than an Austin. There is also a slight chamfer on the front so that your thumbs can rest comfortably while typing. 





The Forever case will be made out of anodized 6063 grade aluminum, and the mid piece will be stainless steel for this round. Both materials have an elegant aesthetic and contrasts nicely with the aluminum chassis. Plate materials will be available in Carbon Fiber or POM. Carbon fiber provides a consistent typing experience across the board and does not have a pinging sound like brass or aluminum. POM will flex up and down more freely for those looking for a more flexible typing experience. 

Mounting Method




We decided to go with the gasket mount method which has been proven to be a solid formula amongst 65% keyboards. While many other keyboards do something similar, this method will keep a consistent feel and sound that no other mounts can produce. In addition to the gasket material, we will include a foam piece in between the plate and PCB in order to reduce vibrations between the two pieces to help with the sound profile. 

Layout & PCB





The layout is quite straightforward for most 65% keyboards. There will be a 6.25u and 7u bottom available and the common stepped caps lock and split backspace options. The PCB will be QMK compatible and we will work at getting it VIA compatible as well.

Special Thanks



  • Special thanks to those partnering with me to make this board happen. Their expertise and willingness to work with me made this project a lot of fun.

  • Friends who have supported me throughout the process and encouraged me and those who were willing to buy the board even when they weren't that interested. 

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