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Austin FCFS details

The first public rounds for the aluminum Austin cases will be FCFS on 1/29/22 and 2/12/22 (and possibly 2/26/22 if there are still units left). The google form link will be open at 9:00 AM CT for each date. The form will require an email and discord handle. I will send out an email with a link to the store and password for those who win. They will have 24 hours to purchase. Any remaining units will be moved to the next round. Each round will be viewed separately so if you don't win the first round, please try again in the second round.

I will make an announcement in Discord with the number of units that will be available for each batch. It will be dependent on how many I can QC beforehand.

Limit 1 Austin per Entry

A-stock Austin - $725, B-stock - $675

Extra PCB - $65 (Limit 1)

Extra PC Plate - $45 (Limit 1)

1/29 Countdown

2/12 Countdown

Good luck everyone!


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