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Austin R2 Extras Raffle Details!

A lot of you have been waiting for the details on how to get your hands on an extra and that time is now! There will be 30 units that will be available for the US and ilumkb will handle all the international units. The information below is only for the US units.

All units will be B or C stock units. B-stock is any unit that has some type of exterior cosmetic blemish due to anodization, e-coating, or possible oxidation on the brass. C-stock will have physical nicks or chips on the board that does not affect the functionality of the board. All boards are sold "as-is" and there will be no exchanges available.


The color break out is:

Red - 9

White - 8

Gray - 13

Prices are:

B-stock - $625

C-stock (3-4 units) - $575

Extra PCB - $60

Extra Carbon Fiber or Polycarbonate Plate - $45

Extra B-stock Brass Plate - $40

Shipping - $25

Taxes only for Texas shipping addresses.


The raffle form will be available on October 25th. The form will be open at 10AM CT for 5 mins. Any form not submitted before the timeline will not be included. The form is very simple and basically asks for color choice and options. Extra plates and PCBs will be available based on availability and will depend on your place in the raffle. Once the raffle winners have been chosen, I will send an invoice to the email you provided using Square (credit card only) and payment is required within 24hrs. If payment is not made within that window, your spot will be lost and a new spot will be open. Once payment is received, units should start shipping next week. Feel free to post your questions in the discord!


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