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Austin R2 Rollout update!

Build streams

Next week, we will have streamers 0siris from MechsOnDeck building a prototype on Tuesday (5/5), ~8PM CT on twitch. Be sure to check out the first build at

On Friday of that week, we’ll also be having Quakemz from TopClack build the second prototype on Friday (5/8) on twitch as long as he receives the board on time. Check him out at

I’ll try to be available during these streams but I can’t promise I’ll be around the entire stream. If you have any questions about the board, feel free to ask in the beginning or drop by the discord.

Polycarb Austin Auction

To celebrate the start of R2, I will be auctioning a 1 of 1 production polycarbonate Austin based on the R1 design. The google form will open up on the 9th and will close Monday morning (whenever I wake up) on the 11th. This polycarb case is the only one of its kind since it was based on the production files from R1 and not the prototype. The case and weight will be sold “as-is” since there are no extras to replace it. I have not taken apart the case in order to reduce the risk of stripping the threaded holes and will provide additional fasteners if you choose to replace them. Invoice will be sent via Square and payment will be required within 24 hours. If payment is not made, the case will go to the next highest bidder.

Round 2 details:


  • Full aluminum top and bottom case

  • 6.5 degree typing angle

  • Sandblasted raw brass weight

  • Sandblasted raw brass plate

  • PCB is QMK/VIA compatible

  • USB C

  • Top mounted

Color Options: 

  • E-White

  • Charcoal Gray

  • Cabernet Red


  • Base kit (includes brass plate, PCB, fasteners, bumpons) - $525

  • Extra PCB (Limit 2) - $60 (compatible with R1/R2)

  • Extra Plate (Limit 2) Brass, Polycarb or Carbon Fiber - $45 (Only compatible with R2)

US/CAN Buyers - US/CAN buyers will be able to purchase on These orders will only be available for US/CAN buyers and products will be available at 10AM CT on May 16th. There will be 75 units, FCFS. 

International Buyers - Anyone outside of the US will be able to purchase through ilumkb ( A product page will be available the day before and a google form will be in the description. GB starts at 3PM SGT on May 16th. Hopefully this time should work for those in EU and Asia. There will be 75 units, FCFS. 

For those who might not be able to join during the FCFS, there will be extras available after the GB units are delivered.

Due to the increase in the number of units for this round, the GB is expected to complete in 5-6 months. However, delays are always a possibility when it comes to GB so if there are any issues, please contact your respective vendor. 

Disclaimer on colors - Many of you have asked about the Charcoal gray. The chip that was provided to me doesn’t seem to match the prototype received by ilumkb so I will defer to his pictures for a more accurate color representation of the Charcoal gray. There is no guarantee that the production colors will be a 100% match to the prototype but should be very close. The manufacturer will generally match up to 90% of the pantone color and because anodization happens in batches, it is possible that not all grays or reds will turn out exactly the same. Please understand that there can be a lot of variances when it comes to which monitor you use to see the pictures or videos as well. The goal for the Charcoal gray is to be darker than the R1’s gray but not as dark as black.

For more information about the board, please check out

For those who missed the stream, please check out the VOD for the changes between R1 and R2.


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