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Austin R3 details

Sales format:

Aluminum boards - Each Friday, I will announce the # of boards available that I had QC'd that week (e.g. 5 A-stock blue, 3 B-stock blue, etc etc) and will post those for sale Saturday morning CT (FCFS). The number available will vary each week but I hope to get to ~50 each week. Please keep an eye out in the discord for all up to date announcements.

Brass boards - I will announce two times (after I QC all the brass units) where a google raffle form will be available for ~5 mins for everyone to sign up. Those who win the raffle will then get a password to purchase the board. A-stock/B-stock will be FCFS once the email is sent.

Aluminum boards - $725 ( $675 B-stock)

  • Case Colors - Black, Blue, Green, Purple

  • Sandblasted brass weight

  • PCB (Compatible with all Austins)

  • Black Aluminum plate

  • DM Carrying Case

Brass Board - $1,435 ($1,385 B-stock)

  • E-coat Black Brass case

  • E-coat Black Brass weight

  • PCB (Compatible with all Austins)

  • Black Aluminum plate

  • DM Carrying Case

Extras (Limit one additional PCB and one additional plate per order)

  • PCB - $65

  • Plates - Aluminum or Polycarb - $45

Once all boards are sold, extra plates and PCBs will be available in the store.

Carrying cases will not be for sale. Currently another vendor is looking to stock up on cases that will fit the Austin. Once that is available, I will make an announcement in the discord.

Shipping - Boards will be declared at full value for international shipping. I have linked a UPS business account to the store so what I pay for shipping is what you pay. If you would like, you can use a proxy instead. International shipping costs have increased a lot so I recommend using a proxy over direct since proxies might get better rates than me.


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