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Austin R4! (Last round)


October 22nd 2022 - 9AM CT (45 spots)

October 29th 2022 - 9AM CT (30 spots)

Looking back, it's been so crazy to believe that there are over 500 of these boards out in the wild. I originally just wanted to make something for myself that I would use but through your support and your encouragement, I kept making more. I'm so glad that people have been able to enjoy this board and can appreciate what a compact full size can offer. However, it's time to close this chapter and move on to the next design (more about that at a later date).

This will be the same as R3. FCFS using google forms. Once I collect enough entries, I'll close the form and send out an email to those who received a spot to purchase a board on the website. Those who win will have 24 hours to purchase the boards. If there are any extra spots, they will be moved to the next group. Each purchase will be checked against the info that was provided in the form. Anyone who purchases one that does not match that info will have their order cancelled. Please do not sign up multiple times.

Pricing will also be the same as R3.

Colors - Pink Aluminum and Frosted PC

Base kit (Top/bottom piece, brass weight, brass plate, carrying case, 1 PCB) - $725 for A stock and $675 for B stock

Extra PCB - $65 (Limit 1)

Extra Plate (Brass or PC) - $45 (Limit 1)

I've QC'd all the PC ones so far and unfortunately I don't think enough really meet what I would want for A stock units so I will sell them all as "B Stock" regardless of whether they're B stock or not. So all PC units will be priced at $675.

For those waiting for extra PCBs, they will be available after all the cases are sold on my website with no limit. We are still working on finalizing the V2 version of the PCB and I will order them once they're ready to go. (Still need to finalize design, order prototypes, program firmware, etc so if you're thinking of waiting, it might be a while). I will probably order a good amount and will keep PCBs in the shop for whoever needs an extra so no need to worry about the supply there.

Unfortunately I do not have enough extra DM Austin carrying cases to offer any to the public.

Next in stock sale should be Forever in purple or e-white with brass mid pieces. I hope to be able to sell them by early next year.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the discord.


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