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Austin SE (Stealth Edition) Details

Brass raffle will run this Friday (1/14) at 9 AM CT and 9 PM CT. The form will be open for 5 mins each time. Limited one entry per person.

Countdown - 9 AM - Link

Countdown - 9 PM - Link

Prices will be $1,435 for A-stock and $1,385 for B-stock (3 of them). You will also get first dibs to grab a B-stock Brass plate that I have from R2 (discoloration on the plates) for $35. Extra PC plates are $45 and Extra PCBs are $65. Limit extra 1 plate and 1 PCB.

The winners will be chosen shortly after the 9PM countdown. If you win, I will send out an email with a link and password. The A-stock/B-stock will be FCFS. You will have 24 hours to buy one. I'll try to get a hold of you in case it gets stuck in your spam mail.

I have set up a channel in the discord to request lower pricing for international customers. Please post your Country, Zip, and Aluminum or Brass so I can set up a flat rate or else the shipping will be auto calculated through UPS.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Announcements for regular boards will come at a later time. If you don't see anything in the updates or the Announcements channel in Discord, it means I'm still going through boards 🙂


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