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Forever GB

2020 has been kind of a whirlwind of a year. Basically in the beginning of the year, the world was flipped upside down and millions of people are still struggling to get back to what we consider "normal". Even though it's been a rough year for my family, we've been able to find some blessings in the new normal. Creating new discord friendships, spending more time with my kid, being able to enjoy new/old hobbies, and prioritizing what really matters just to name a few.

Besides the blessings in our normal life, we've been really grateful for what has happened at Drift Mechanics this year. We were able to deliver all of Austin round 1 in January. We started Austin Round 2 in May. Delivered all GB and sold extras by the end of October. While GMK Forge got cancelled, GMK Sloth exceeded expectations and is ready for color matching. So overall, this year has been a great start and I hope that continues into 2021 as well.


Now onto the GB. Forever will be offered in Black or Dark blue. Prototypes can be seen on the Forever page. Only the Stainless steel midpiece will be offered this round. The GB will be FCFS with an estimated delivery date of early Q3 2021. There will be 70 units available with a similar amount for extras at a later date.

MechsOnDeck will be building a prototype on Jan 2nd 2PM CT

If all goes well with the build, I plan to open the GB on Jan 9th at 10 AM CT.


Base kit -

Black or blue Aluminum case

Stainless Steel Midpiece

Stainless Steel badge

PCB - QMK Compatible

Carbon Fiber Plate - 6.25u or 7u bottom row

Plate foam

Gaskets - 16 pieces

Rubber bumpons

USB C Daughterboard

4pin JST Direct cable

Extra PCB (limit 1) -

Each extra PCB will include a USB C daughter board and JST cable

Extra CF or POM Plate (limit 1) -


MechsOnDeck will be building the blue/brass one on Jan 2nd, 2PM CST.

Black/stainless steel prototype build video


As always, please join the discord server for the latest info/updates. Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!


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