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Forever GB Update!

Photo taken by the manufacturer

The boards are on their way to me and will hopefully get to me by the middle of June. I'm hoping to be able to go through the QC quickly for the GB and release the extras a week after I ship all the GB units.

Currently how the extras will be sold isn't set in stone but my plan is to make things more streamlined and will sell all but a handful in case there need to be replacements. Due to a personal time crunch, I will not be splitting the extra cases into A stock or B stock so all extras will just be one price. The grade will be luck of the draw. The handful of extras that I will keep are just to make sure that everyone receives a working keyboard and will be released once everyone has received their boards. Extra PCB and plate will be similar to the GB, limit 1 per order. Once all extras have been sold, I will open up any extra PCB or plates I might have remaining.

Please keep an eye out on the discord for the most up to date information.


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