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Forever R2 in stock sale

Thank you for all of those who have been waiting patiently for this round. I know initially I was hoping to offer stainless steel and brass midpieces in the first GB but wanted to split them up to make it easier. So for those who want a brass midpiece from the first group, thanks for your patience, they should be up for sale soon.

For others who have been waiting forever for a Forever, these will be the last units I'm selling so please grab one if you're on the fence.

The colors this round will be E-white and Purple with the brass midpiece. Each base kit will include a PCB, Carbon Fiber plate (6.25u or 7u), bumpons, gaskets, and a carrying case. Extra PCBs and POM plates will be available for purchase.

Additional information about the board can be found on the Forever page

Sound tests and reviews can be found on youtube.

Sales will start on the first weekend of March (4th) and any additional stock will be sold the following weekends. So if you don't get one during the first batch, there will be more the next weekend. It will be run similarly to all our other sales. The will be a google forms will be opened up at 9AM CT.

Shipping - For those who are international, please reach out in Discord for a shipping quote. If not, the shipping will be automatically calculated by UPS and will not receive any additional discount.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Discord! I will be sending out the most up to date information there first.


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